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Anti-GMO themes are losing traction worldwide, suggests a new scientific paper

Date: 30.3.2022 

The conversation around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is becoming more positive, according to new Alliance for Science research analyzing traditional and social media trends on biotechnology.

Kredit: IRRI / Wikimedia Commons.The peer-reviewed study, published in the open-source academic journal GM Crops & Food, finds a significant drop in salience of the GMO issue between 2018 and 2020, suggesting a more favorable and less polarized conversation around the world.

"This seems like cautious good news for science," says study author Mark Lynas, research lead at the Alliance for Science (AfS). "Given the worldwide scientific consensus on the safety and utility of genetic modification, this suggests that misinformation about GMOs is losing its ability to persuade, even on social media."

"The data in the paper show a real shift toward a positive conversation and sentiment toward GMOs," adds co-author Joan Conrow, AfS managing editor. "This suggests that people are increasingly receptive toward technologies that can play a role in lessening the environmental impacts of agriculture, especially in regard to climate change."

The study looked at the number and tone of over 100,000 online and print articles published in English in top-ranked media between 2018 and 2020 as well as 1.7 million social media interactions.





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