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BAGECO 9: 9th Symposium on Bacterial Genetics and Ecology


Wernigerode, Germany (June 23-27, 2007)

Dear colleagues,


Recent advances in molecular microbial methods have let us hear from micro-organisms that were silent before. The use of PCR to amplify marker genes directly from environmental samples, circumventing cultivation, led to the discovery of thousands of new sequences and some entirely new Divisions of bacterial life.

To elucidate the functions and physiology of these newly described members of the microbial world and their role in the microbial community network belongs to the decadal grand challenges.

Further insights into microbial community networks come from advanced microscopic techniques - how bacterial populations colonise surfaces, communicate with each other, share substrates, interact with their hosts and exchange genetic information.

Join BAGECO-9 to report and learn about the recent progress made in understanding microbial community networks and enjoy the scientific community networking.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the city of Wernigerode in 2007 to this symposium.

More: http://conventus.de/bageco9/index.php?page=1267&client=522&lang=1239



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