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Basic Biotechnology, 2nd Edition


Authors: Edited by Colin Ratledge
Publishing: Cambridge University Press
Published: April 2001
Biotechnology impinges on everyone’s lives. It is one of the major technologies of the twenty-first century. Its huge, wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary activities include recombinant DNA techniques, cloning and genetics, and the application of microbiology to the production of goods as every-day as bread, beer, cheese and antibiotics. It continues to revolutionise treatments of many diseases, and is used to provide clean technologies and to deal with environmental problems. Basic Biotechnology is a mainstream account of the current state of biotechnology, written to provide the reader with insight, inspiration and instruction into the skills and arts of the subject. It does this by explaining the fundamental aspects that underpin all biotechnology and provides examples of how these principles are put into operation: from starting substrate to final product. The book is essential reading for all students and teachers of biotechnology and applied microbiology and for researchers in the many biotechnology industries.




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