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Biodiversity and Conservation


Authors: Gabriel Melchias
Publishing: Science Publisher Inc
Published: 2001
"... there has been no other book so thoroughly surveying biodiversity and conservation in so short a space, or that identifies so many potential or existing problems with current or posed policies." - CHOICE, Jan. 2002, Vol. 39, No. 05 Contents: BIODIVERSITY: AN OUTLINE . Introduction . Why is Biodiversity Important? . Plant Diversity . Animal Diversity . Marine Biodiversity . Human Diversity-The Indigenous Peoples . Indigenous Knowledge and Biodiversity GENETIC RESOURCES . Crop Genetic Diversity . Uniformity vs. Diversity . Agricultural Biodiversity . Green Revolution: The Cost and Remedy . Who Controls Genetic Diversity? . Animal Genetic Resources . Erosion of Animal Genetic Diversity . Aquatic Diversity . Is Aquaculture the Solution? . Human Genetic Diversity . The Convention on Biological Diversity . The North and South: Need for Shared Responsibility BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIODIVERSITY . The Techniques . The Dream and the Nightmare . The Cases . Release of GMOs into the Environment . Biosafety BIODIVERSITY PROSPECTING . The Problems . The Mechanisms and the Economics . Human Diversity Prospecting? . Prospecting or Bargaining? . Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) . The Tangled Genes: Invention or Discovery? . Why Patents should not be Extended to Plants and Animals? CONSERVATION . The Principles and the Rationale . Parks Versus People . Conservation Outside Protected Areas . Ex Situ Conservation . Ex Situ: UN FAO's State of the World Report . Conservation of Animal Biodiversity . Fish Conservation . Conservation of Marine Biodiversity . Wild: The Hidden Harvest . Global Programmes of Conservation - FAO, NGOs and the CGIAR




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