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Biology Centre AS CR offers 20 postdoc positions

Date: 5.7.2012 

Twenty post-doctoral positions are listed below in order respecting their affiliations to BC institutes. The list provides links to basic information about respective laboratories and to characterization of the postdoc positions. Selected candidate will be offered a position for up to 34 months starting from September 1st, 2012. Monthly brutto salary will be about 1800 EUR paid in Czech crowns (CZK). This amount allows good living standard in the Czech Republic. Extension of the contract beyond 34 months may be possible, pending renewed funding. Interested candidates must have successfully obtained their Ph.D. degree in a relevant discipline after March 29th, 2008. Good knowledge of English language (corresponding to CAE or equivalent) is required. Some knowledge of the Czech language will prove useful. Interested candidates should apply no later than July 31st, 2012 (unless stated otherwise in the adds) by submitting the following documents and information to the address specified in the adds:


  • Cover letter explaining the candidate's research interests
  • Detailed CV including a list of publications and other achievements
  • Certified academic transcripts and diplomas (scanned copies)
  • List of minimally two referees who can testify on the candidate´s character and performance
  • Declaration of the candidate's proficiency in English


The Evaluation Committee will convene in August 2012. Candidates will be informed of the results immediately after official announcement of the Evaluation Committee. Candidates may be encouraged to visit BC (travel costs can NOT be reimbursed) or to participate at a video conference. More information on each position can be found here.



Institute of Entomology

David Doležel,

Laboratory of Molecular Chronobiology

Diapause and photoperiodism in insects

Dalibor Kodrík,

Laboratory of Insect Physiology

Study of anti-stress reactions in insect body

Vladimír Košťál,

Department of Biochemistry and Physiology

Insect diapause and cold tolerance

Vlastimil Křivan,

Laboratory of Ecology of Saproxylic Insects

Mathematical modelling in ecology

František Marec,

Laboratory of Molecular Cytogenetics

The role of sex chromosomes in speciation of Lepidoptera

František Sehnal,

Laboratory of Applied Physiology of Insects

Novel ways of silk exploitation

Rostislav Zemek,

Laboratory of Experimental Ecology

Biological regulation of caraway pests


Institute of Hydrobiology

Josef Hejzlar,

Department of Hydrochemistry and Ecosystem Modelling

Catchment-Lake Ecosystem Modelling

Jan Kubečka,

Fish Ecology Unit

Fish population dynamics in lakes and reservoirs

Karel Šimek,

Laboratory of Aquatic Microbial Ecology

Linking of genomic and ecophysiologic traits of freshwater bacteria affiliated with the genus Limnohabitans


Institute of Parasitology

Libor Grubhoffer,

Laboratory of Molecular Ecology of Vectors and Pathogens

Glycobiology of ticks: protein-saccharide interactions in the transmission of pathogens by blood-feeding arthropods

Petr Kopáček,

Laboratory of Vector Immunology

Tick-borne pathogen transmission

Jan Kopecký,

Laboratory of Parasite Immunology

Functional analysis of tick salivary gland secretome

Julius Lukeš,

Laboratory of Molecular Parasitology

Functional analysis of mitochondrial proteins in Trypanosoma brucei

Miroslav Oborník,

Laboratory of Evolutionary Protistology

RNAi in penate diatoms

Tomáš Scholz,

Laboratory of Helmintology

Molecular diagnostics, historical biogeography and genetic structuring of the populations of model platyhelminth parasites

Alena Zíková,

Laboratory of Functional Biology of Protists

Inhibition of F0F1 ATPase in Trypanosoma brucei


Institute of Plant Molecular Biology

Karel Petrzik,

Department of Plant Virology

Molecular detection of mycoviruses and their management


Institute of Soil Biology

Dana Elhottová,

Laboratory of Structure and Function Diversity of Soil Microbial Communities

Mobilome of soil microbiome

Miloslav Šimek,

Laboratory of Gaseous Metabolites

Controls on the biological production and consumption of soil greenhouse gases


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