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**Biotechnology is becoming an important tool that can improve our quality of life in many ways, both now and in the future, from life-saving medicines to more nutritious food.** Since the initial production of human insulin to better treat diabetes, biotechnology continues to create more effective drugs and vaccines. These medicines benefit hundreds of millions of people worldwide who suffer from devastating diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson´s, Alzheimer´s and AIDS. #img_215#.<> In the future, some applications of biotechnology will be used to make materials such as fibers from renewable resources while others will help reduce our dependence on oil and natural gas and could reduce water and energy use. ------ This site provides an insight to the benefits of biotechnology in the following areas. !!Biotechnology & Medicine !!!"1. AIDS/HIV":[./article/aids-hiv.html] !!!"2. Alzheimer´s Disease":[./article/alzheimers-diasease-main.html] !!!"3. Asthma":[./article/asthma-main.html] !!!"4. Cancer":[./article/cancer-main.html] !!!"5. Diabetes":[./article/diabetes.html] !!!"7. Parkinson´s Disease":[./article/parkinsons-disease.html] !!!"8. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)":[./article/rheumatoid-asthritis-ra-main.html] !!!"9. Spinal cord injuries":[./article/spinal-cord-injuries-main.html] !!!"10. Tissue and Organ Implants":[./article/tissue-and-organ-implants-main.html] --- !!!"Food Biotechnology":[./article/food-biotechnology-main.html] !!!"Renewable Resources":[./article/renewable-resources-main.html] !!!"Bioremediation":[./article/bioremediation-main.html]




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