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Present statistical data on Czech Biotechnology sector


**Selected life sciences figures in the Czech Republic** The total number of students in the Czech Republic was 298 196 in 2005. Approximately 56,777 life sciences students were enrolled at life sciences universities with a corresponding output of 7,400 graduates per annum. One of the great advantages of the Czech Republic is the great network of universities, which spreads all over the country and is not just concentrated in the capital, Prague. #img_188#.<> Source: Institute for Information on Education, 2005 Total students: 298, 196 Of Which: Life sciences students: 56,777 **Type of biotechnology organizations** (industrial companies and research entities) and their geographical localization The biotechnology organizations listed in the Czech Republic can be divided into two main categories: industrial companies and research entities. Over recent years the appearance of the Czech biotech industry and research has improved. By the end of 2005 there were 63 biotechnology companies and 220 biotechnology research entities in the Czech Republic. Figure 1 and Figure 2 show geographic distribution of biotechnology companies as well as biotechnological research entities at the Czech republic. #img_189#.<> Figure 1. Geographic distribution of biotechnology companies Figure 2. Geographic distribution of research entities Most biotechnology companies are located in the Prague region (33,9 %) and in the South Moravian region (18,5 %). A similar situation exists with regard to research entities, which are mainly located in the Prague region (45,9 %) and in the South Moravian region (23,6 %). Prague, with 21 (32.3 %) biotechnology companies and 101 (45.9 %) research entities, is the biotechnology capital of the Czech republic. **Main activities of biotechnology companies** The most frequent activity of biotechnology companies is “Producer/Manufacturer” (37.5 %). This activity is pursued by 75% of biotechnology companies. In the type of company “Dedicated” as well as “Subsidiary” the most common activities are “Producer/Manufacturer” and “Research and Development”. The most common activities for the type of company “Diversified or business unit” are “Service Company” and “Producer/Manufacturer”. **Biotechnology sectors** by biotechnology companies and research entities The most common biotechnology sector is “Environmental biotechnology” (22%) in companies but the most common biotechnology sector is plant biotechnology (36%) in research entities. Source: "Czech Biotech Report":[http://www.gate2biotech.com/new-products/czech-biotech-report.html]




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