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Biotechnology, food technology

Type of job: full-time

Dear Sir or Madame,

Are you looking for a competent man with knowledge of the latest trends in biotechnology? A man who already has several years of experience in the field? A man who loves to learn new things and is not afraid of new challenges? Then I hope I am right candidate for you. For more information please see attached CV.

In 2009, I successfully passed the state final examination at the Brno University of Technology in the field of food technology and biotechnology and get the Master degree (Ing.). Then I continued deepening my knowledge and skills through PhD studies. In 2012, I successfully passed the state doctoral examination, and in the upcoming months I will defend the dissertation thesis.

In Food Research Institute in Bratislava, where I worked for almost four years as a researcher, I further gained practical experience. In 2012, I also completed a three-month internship at the Universidade do Porto in Portugal. In the academic year 2008-2009, I worked on my thesis as an intern in company BioVendor. From October 2013 to February 2014, I worked in company Bioveta as pharmaceutical production manager. 

In addition to expertise I would like to emphasize my personal qualities. These include thoroughness, independence, diligence, good communication skills, ability to work in a team. My hobbies are sports, reading, music and current events.

I would be pleased to meet you in person to convince you of my qualification and skills that I believe would be beneficial for your company.

Best regards

Ing. Jiří Šmíd



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Updated: 29.4.2014




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