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Rasipuram, India (January 09-10, 2009)

In the later part of the twentieth century biotechnology has firmly emerged in to a distinct discipline. However, the origin of biotechnology can be traced back to prehistoric times when microorganisms were used in process like “Fermentation, Preparation of Cheese from milk, and of Vinegar from molasses, Tanning of leather, Production of Beer and Dairy products” etc.

The past few decades have seen a very rapid rise in the number of plant and animal scientists using the techniques of cell, tissue, organ culture for plant and animal improvement. The discovery of restriction enzymes which led to the development of a variety of gene technology and it is considered to be the greatest scientific revolution of 21st century.

Nature has provided a complete store house of remedies to cure all ailments of mankind. In the past three decades there has been a dramatic increase in the scientific work supporting the clinical benefits through biotechnology. Some of the renowned hospitals have established stem cell banks.

India has a large network of institutes and laboratories, backed by reputed universities and vast pool of scientists working in small group on various biotechnology projects. As a result, we are deriving al lot of benefits from GMO crops such as Golden Rice Bt cotton, Hormones, Enzymes, Vaccines and Antibiotics etc. In spite of the great advancement in science and technology, still the mankind is suffering from serious diseases, pollution, ill-health, poverty etc.

Globalization, Industrialization, Urbanization, advancement of science and technology and non-judicious exploitation of natural resources have resulted in various serious consequences threatening the very existence of mankind. There is a possibility of large areas of land being inundated by the rising level of sea water as a result of global warming due to enormous quantities of emission of toxic gases like CO, CO2, SO2 and NO2, etc.Owing to ozone-depletion dangerous rays are reaching the earth which can produce unpredictable evil-consequences such as Tsunamies, Earthquakes, and Whirlwinds resulting in loss of life and biodiversity properties. Man is dumping wastes all over the earth. Though he is aware of the evil-consequences of non-biodegradable hazardous materials such as plastics, polyethylene etc., he is producing them in inestimable quantities.The entire atmosphere is polluted and days are not far away when good air, good water and good environment are non-available. New diseases arise all of a sudden and spread in epidemic and pandemic proportion taking a heavy toll of life in their wake. Food production is declining and there is a serious threat of famine. Energy crisis is already looming large and it is time to turn to biodiesel and other renewable energy sources such as wind, tides, sun etc.The growth of biotechnology leads to increasing popularity towards plant-based drugs in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, functional foods and even cosmaceuticals in the global market. Thus biotechnology research could help the country carve a niche for itself in modern biotechnology including Genomics and bio-informatics, Agriculture and Plant biotechnology, Molecular medicine, Environment and biodiversity and bio-fuel and bio-instrumentation.

The future of biotechnology seems to be very strong and bright. Scientists have come to believe that biotechnology is a boon for human society and it has the great potential to solve many of the issues. Scientist now believe that biotechnology will provide a wonderful tool to solve many of the above mentioned problems and that in future we are going to enjoy to many things from biotechnology. This congress will serve as a suitable platform to analyze and discuss various benefits, man is likely to derive biotechnology in future.

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