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American Journal of Neuroradiology


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AJNR publishes more than 200 fully reviewed scientific papers, case reports, and technical notes in a typical year. Subject matter covers the spectrum of diagnostic imaging of the brain, head, neck, spine and organs of special sense, including aging and degenerative diseases; anatomy; the cervicothoracicjunction; contrast media; experimental studies; functional imaging; iatrogenic disorders; imaging techniques and technology; inflammatory diseases; interventional techniques and technology; the larynx and lymphatics; the nasopharynx and skull base; neoplastic diseases; the nose and paranasal sinuses; oral and dental imaging; ophthalmologic and otorhinolaryngologic imaging; pediatric ENT radiology; pediatric ENT radiology; pediatric neuroradiology and congenital malformations; the phakomatoses; radionuclide imaging; the salivary glands; seizure disorders; stroke and cerebrovascular diseases; the temporalbone; tissue characterization and trauma.

Source: http://www.ajnr.org/
ISSN: 0195-6108, 1936-959X
Publisher: American Society of Neuroradiology.
Published: 1980-
Updated: 3.12.2012


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