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Cell Preservation Technology


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The preservation of "biologics" (cells, tissues, organs and bioactive macromolecules) is a methodology critical to progress in the biomedical sciences and essential to ensuring cell quality and longevity. Today's preservation protocols typically provide utilitarian but sub-optimal outcomes that are often incompatible with the development of innovative therapeutic strategies. This Journal is dedicated to the diverse spectrum of preservation technologies including cryopreservation, dry-state (anhydrobiosis), glassy-state and hypothermic maintenance. Accordingly, Cell Preservation Technology serves as the first journal to provide a unifying forum for researchers from academia, government and industry in which rapid, authoritative, peer-reviewed communication of recent advances is provided. Cell Preservation Technology provides a long-awaited platform supportive of biomedical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical interests utilizing bioprocessing, cell and molecular biology, cell and reproductive therapies, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and transplant medicine. The Journal provides an avenue for the integration of diverse subspecialties sharing common fundamental principles.

Source: http://www.liebertpub.com/overview/biopreservation-and-biobanking/110/
ISSN: 1947-5535, 1947-5543
Publisher: Marry Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers
Updated: 9.12.2012


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