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Journal of Applied Ichthyology


IF: 0,869

The Journal of Applied Ichthyology publishes articles of international repute on ichthyology, aquaculture, and marine fisheries; ichthyopathology and ichthyoimmunology; environmental toxicology using fishes as test organisms; basic research on fishery management; and aspects of integrated coastal zone management in relation to fisheries and aquaculture. Emphasis is placed on the application of scientific research findings, while special consideration is given to ichthyological problems occurring in developing countries. Short communications and book reviews are also featured in the journal. Fields of interest: All aspects of applied fisheries research and aquaculture, development and management of fisheries resources, ecotoxicology, fisheries ecology, fish health and pathology, genetics and coastal zone interactions with fisheries, fisheries in developing countries. The merger with AFMR broadens the scope to include basic science aspects in marine and freshwaters resource research, and ecological and economic scenarios that determine the success or failure of any application of biological research.

Source: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1439-0426
ISSN: 0175-8659, 1439-0426
Publisher: Blackwell-Verlag
Updated: 2.12.2012


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