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Brno Universities introduce research projects in Brussels

Date: 8.12.2008 

Research and development has a bright future in Brno. This was the key message of the workshop „Research and Development and Universities as Engines of Regional Competitiveness", which was held in Brussels at December 3. The workshop was organized by the Brno University of Technology, the Masaryk University, the Permanent Representation of the South Moravian Region to the European Union and the City of Brno.

The main goal of the workshop was to present the most important projects of Brno Universities which are supported by structural funds for the first time to officials and other influential parties in Brussels. The opening speech was held by Miroslav Fuchs, the head of unit of the Permanent Representation of Czech Republic to the European Union, and Michal Kotoul, vice-rector of Brno University of Technology.

Representatives of Brussels administration got acquainted with research project CEITEC, the largest planned investment to research and development in Brno. Projects NETME Centre, prepared by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Brno University of Technology, and project RECETOX, prepared by Faculty of Science of Masaryk University were also presented.

According to political representatives of the Brno City and the South Moravian Region present at the seminar the event was a unique opportunity for increasing visibility and future prosperity of the region. Deputy Mayor of Brno Mr. Oliver Pospíšil said: "Innovations are crucial for increasing of competitiveness of the City of Brno. Brno's position in the field of innovation technologies should be consolidated and significantly improved through projects such as Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC)."

The counsellors of the South Moravian Region, Miloš Šifalda and Jiří Janda emphasized a long term and constant support and work of region on strategic documents preparation, investments and institutions like the Regional Innovation Strategy and the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC).

Petr Duchoň, the Member of the European Parliament, as a guest at the workshop pointed out that the workshop was the first coherent presentation of any Czech group of universities potential in the area of research and development and their capacity to absorb the support for structural funds. He appreciated long term and systematic work of universities which contributes to strengthening of the economy and prosperity of South Moravia.

Source: CEITEC Ltd.






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