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Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources In Vitro Volume 1: General Aspects


Authors: M.K. Razdan and E.C. Cocking (eds.)
Publishing: Science Publishers, Inc.
Published: 1997
Whereas the first volume describes general aspects, such as perspectives and methodology of conserving plant germplasm, with examples of specific crops, the second volume is broadly concerned with special applications uniquely associated with in vitro conservation of plant genetic resources, concomitantly highlighting its shortcomings for germplasm conservation. Contents: Perspectives . Biotechnology in Conservation of Genetic Resources . Backgrounds and Principles of In Vitro . Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources Methodology . Potentially Valuable Cryogenic Procedures for Cryopreservation of Cultured Plant Meristems . Medium and Long-term Storage of in vitro cultures of Temperate Fruit and Nut Crops . Application of In Vitro Techniques in the Preservation of Conifer Germplasm and in Conifer Tree Improvement . Tissue Culture Methods and Approaches for Conservation of Root and Tuber Crops . Cryopreservation of Zygotic and Somatic Embryos of Tropical Species Producing Recalcitrant or Intermediate Seeds Specific Crops . Conservation of Citrus Genetic Resources . Cryopreservation of Citrus sinensis Cultured Cells . Application and Limitations of Conserving In Vitro Cultures of Prunus . In Vitro Germplasm Conservation of Sugarcane Cultivars, Basic Sugarcane Species and Related Genera . Germplasm Conservation of Food Yams (Dioscorea spp.): Constraints, Application and Future Prospects . In Vitro Conservation of Coffee (Coffea spp.) Germplasm




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