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E. coli Bacteria Linked to Crohn's Disease

Date: 10.8.2007 

A team of Cornell University scientists from the College of Veterinary Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have discovered that a **novel group of E. coli bacteria** containing **genes** similar to those described in uropathogenic and avian pathogenic E. coli and enteropathogenic bacteria such as salmonella, cholera, bubonic plague is associated with intestinal inflammation in patients with **Crohn's disease** in their research paper published July 12 by "The ISME Journal: **Multidisciplinary Journal of Microbial Ecology**." The study found an increased level of ****E. coli bacteria in more inflamed areas of the small intestines instead of **MAP**, a bacterium related to tubercle bacillus that has been more commonly associated with **Crohn's**. Whole article on "Bio":[ http://www.bio.com/newsfeatures/newsfeatures_research.jhtml;jsessionid=HKGZTZ2IUKRRXR3FQLMCFEWHUWBNSIV0?cid=32500001]



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