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Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy


Authors: Heinz-Helmut Perkampus
Publishing: Wiley - VCH
Published: 1995
What is the best method to solve a given analytical problem? How does a Fourier transform spectrometer really work? Why is it advantageous to use the resonance Raman effect? If you ever used spectroscopic techniques, questions like these will sound familiar to you - and there are probably many more you always wanted to ask. Finally, here is the world of spectroscopy at your fingertips! Presented in a handy format, the Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy offers a wealth of information: clear, comprehensive and richly illustrated accounts cover spectroscopic principles, methods and applications, ranging from atomic to molecular spectroscopy. Keywords from infrared, Raman, AAS, NMR, and UV-VIS spectroscopy, just to mention a few, are included - from Abbé's number to Zeeman effect, from ATR to XPS, from absorbance to zero-zero transition... Additionally, many entries on instrumentation will help you when you are trouble-shooting at your spectrometer. This book will find its place on your desk rather than on your shelf.




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