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Finding a position in Product Management / Business Development in the CZ

Type of job: full-time

Craig F. WILSON, B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc., MRSC

U Vodarny 2, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic; Tel: +420 604 721 987; E-mail: craigofw@gmail.com

Date of Birth: 10th October 1974; Place of Birth: Singapore; Nationality: British



Mar 10 to Current  
Product Manager: Lambda CZ s.r.o., Lozibky 1, 614 00 Brno, Czech Republic.

Swiss / Czech Biotechnology family company in research, innovation, sales and marketing in laboratory instruments to worldwide customers and distributors. Personally handling U.S / Canadian., U.K. / Ireland, Scandinavian, South African, S.E. Asian & Australasian markets.

Feb 09 to Oct 09

Postgraduate Research: National Centre of Biomolecular Research, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.                     

Supervisor:  Dr. R. Stefl

Project:  Solution Protein NMR and Structure Elucidation of RNA-Binding Proteins (Zinc Knuckle Proteins).

Techniques:  Bruker DRX600 MHz, Topspin, SPARKY, Introduction into CYANA

 Jun 08 to Oct 08 Distillation Operative: Essential Scottish Botanicals Ltd., Fanellan, Kiltarity, Beauly, Inverness-shire, IV4 7JP

Distillation of Bulk Plant Material (Bog Myrtle) at various sites around Scotland-Oban, Aviemore & Stirling for products for Boots the Chemist ‘Botanics' range.

 Oct 03 - April 04    
Postgraduate Research:  Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Szeged University, Eötvös u. 6, 6720, Hungary.

Supervisors: Prof. F. Fülöp & Dr. T. Martinek

Project: ‘Self-Aggregation in the Aminophenols by Solution 2D NMR'

Techniques: XWINNMR, ChemDraw 2000, solution state NMR: DOSY / PFGSE, T1, molecular modelling: Hyperchem, Web MO Ab Initio.

Jan 03 to Jul 03  
Research Assistant (Research Staff): School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Birkbeck College, Main Building, Malet St., London, WC1E 7HX

Supervisor: Dr. M. Odlyha

Project: EC Funded (Community Research & Development Information Service (CORDIS))

  • Improved Damage Assessment of Parchments (IDAP)
  • Monitoring in Damaged Historical Tapestries (MODHT)
  • Micro-Climate Monitoring In Cultural Heritage Preservation (MIMIC).

Techniques: TA, Grams 32 / Grams Galactic; TMA, TGA, DSC, DMTA, AFM / TA), analysis of IR and solid-state NMR data.

 Sept 99 - Sept 03 
 Postgraduate Research:  The Purdie Building, School of Chemistry, North Haugh, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, KY16 9ST, U.K.

Supervisor: Dr. F. G. Riddell

Courses: Structural Biology, Irvine Lectures, MSI Insight II & GC-MS tutorial

Project: ‘A Study of Conformational Analysis and Molecular Dynamics by NMR'

Techniques: VNNMR, NMR View, UNIX, Spinsight Windows, ChemDraw 98; solution state NMR: COSY, TOCSY, NOESY, NOE Build-up's; solid-state NMR: 13C CP-MAS, VT, Calibration and T1?, EI-MS; molecular modelling: MSI Insight II, CDiscover 3 2000, MD, DSA, DG, Back Calculation, RMV, Synthesis of aminoalcohols, etheralcohols and halogenoalcohols.

   Feb 98 to Apr 98 
Temp R&D Chemical Engineer: Samuel Hodge Ltd., Penryn Ind. Est., Penryn, Nr. Falmouth, Cornwall, U.K.

Waste Treatment Research and Development (R&D) and testing on built prototype for use in estate areas.

 Aug 96 to Dec 96  R&D Chemist: Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals (Asia) Ltd., 33 Shipyard Road, Singapore 628131. 

Japanese Paint and Polymer Company; synthesis, Research and Development (R&D) and testing of polymer based paints for outdoor long-haul transport containers.

 Apr 96 to Jun 96
Technical Service Engineer cum Chemist: McGean Rohco (S) Ltd., 6 Gul Link, Singapore 629376. 

US Aviation Company (CeeBee); Head of Rohco div. (Singapore Div. - Electroplating), Quality Control (QC) laboratory, technical information, supervisor of distribution and packaging, servicing with sales team, building technical library for quick and easy reference.

 Oct 95 to Nov 95
Analytical Chemist: Anglian Water Authority, Norwich, Norfolk, U.K.  TOtal Suspended Solids (TOSS) analysis on Commercial and Industrial samples from a LIMS database.

   More information about me you can find in my CV

Craig F. WILSON, B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc., MRSC


+420 604 721 987

Updated: 22.6.2012




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