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**This section of Gate2Biotech has been designed so that individuals interested into founding a new biotech enterprise and those who would like to provide investment / support meet at the same place.**

#img_212#.<> * Only by getting the two groups as close as possible the best biotech projects will get properly supported and financed. * Data on Czech Republic and Czech biotech are presented in the first part. * An overview of crucial Czech legislation is given in the second. * Various sources of possible investment / financing and support are discussed in the sections *Biotech investors* and *support instruments*. The two sections are intended to provide an overview of relevant investment financing support options for each biotech enterprise. Therefore, it is assumed that mainly those who are considering setting up a biotech enterprise will represent the frequent visitors. * The section *Biotech founders* mirrors the *Biotech investors* section. It should mainly attract individuals or companies interested into investing in a biotech enterprise. * The content of this section of Gate2Biotech is completed by two last parts dedicated to biotech project seeking licensing partners and biotech project looking for a sponsor.




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  • JAIP
  • Jihočeská univerzita
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