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Genes Associated With Adverse Reactions To Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment Identified

Date: 21.4.2007 

Medical scientists at the University of Leicester have announced a potentially unique advance in breast cancer research by identifying two genes associated with adverse reaction to cancer treatment. The research could mean people who might react badly to radiotherapy could be warned in advance or alternative treatments be sought. There is no test at present for an abnormal reaction to radiotherapy. No-one in the past has proposed such a test. The team who carried out the study included Drs Paul Symonds, Mark Plumb, Irene Peat and George Giotopoulos of the Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine and the Department of Genetics at the University of Leicester. Their results are published in the British Journal of Cancer.... Whole article on "ScienceDaily":[ www.sciencedaily.com]

Cheap molecule may attack tumors - A cheaply-produced molecule may be the key to treating a variety of cancers, claim Canadian researchers (23.4.2007)

Scientists Stop Genes that Help Breast Cancer to Spread - US scientists have demonstrated a way to stop breast cancer spreading to other parts of the body by either switching off the genes involved or blocking them with drugs (13.4.2007)

Simulated Populations Used To Probe Gene Mapping - More powerful computers are allowing scientists and engineers to conduct simulations that grow more realistic each year (27.3.2007)

New findings on the genomic guardian - p53 protein - The p53 protein routinely shuts down damaged cells and is one of our main lines of defence against cancer (22.3.2007)

New Cell Type Identified In Cancer Development - Scientists have discovered a new type of cell that appears to play a role in the development of cancer -- a highly volatile, precancerous stem cell that can either remain benign or become malignant, depending upon environmental cues (21.3.2007)




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