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Genetic Improvement of Solanaceous Crops, Volume 1: Potato


Authors: M.K. Razdan and Autar K. Mattoo
Publishing: Science Publisher Inc
Published: May 2005
Potato is the most significant non-cereal crop. Much attention has been paid to this commercially important crop. The aim of this volume is to capture the recent advances made in improving potatoes using traditional breeding methods as well as genetic engineering technology. The book provides a critical appraisal of the state-of-the-art finding on this crop. Useful to potato breeders and specialists, besides teachers and students. Contents: . Conservation of Potato Genetic Resources: J. Bamberg and A. del Rio . On-Farm Profitability and Prospects for True Potato Seed (TPS): A. Chilver et al. . Propagation by Traditional Breeding Method: George R. McKay . Breeding Potential and Transmission of Traits in 4x-2x Crosses: Kazuo N. Watanabe et al. . Improvement at the Diploid Species Level: Kathleen G. Haynes and Wenhe Lu . Molecular Markers in Identification of Genotypic Variation: F. Celebi-Toprak et al. . Ploidy Manipulation - Examination of Gene Action and Method of Gene Mapping: George C.C. Tai and Xingyao Xiong . Approaches to Gene Isolation in Potato: Walter de Jong . Cell and Tissue Culture of Potato (Solanaceae): Richard E. Veilleux . Starch-Sugar Metabolism and Temperature Responsiveness During Storage of Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Tubers: Theophanes Solomos and A.K. Mattoo . Transformation for Insect Resistance: David S. Douches and Edward J. Grafius . Breeding for Resistance to Meloidogyne Species and Trichodorid-Vectored Virus: Charles R. Brown and Hassan Mojtahedi . Resistance to Viruses: T. Thieme and R. Thieme . Resistance to Bacterial Pathogens: Ewa Zimnoch-Guzowska et al. . Resistance to Late Blight and Other Fungi: Richard W. Jones and Ivan Simko




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