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Genetically Modified Organisms: Transgenesis in Plants


Authors: Yves Tourte
Publishing: Science Publisher Inc
Published: 2003
This work reviews the theoretical and historical basis of genetic engineering, particularly in regard to genetically modified plants, and details techniques of creating genetically modified organisms. It describes research programs and results in areas such as agro-food, health, and the environment, and examines practical, legal, and ethical questions posed by society and the responses of scientists, legislators, and industry. B&W photographs of equipments are given. Contents: Introduction . Genetically Modified Organisms . A Brief History Techniques of Creating GMOs . Isolation of a Functional Gene . Construction of Chimeric Genes and Selectable Marker Genes . Operations of Gene Transfer . Essential Controls . Stability, Heritability and Dispersal of the Transgene Research Programmes and Results . Objectives of Research Programmes . Achievements in Fundamental Research . Achievements in Applied Research GMOs: Concerns and Remedies . Questions Raised by the Existence of GMOs . Response of Society: Regulatory and Judicial Framework for GMOs . Conclusion: What is the Future of GMOs?


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