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INBIT – the new biotechnological incubator in Brno

Date: 9.9.2008 

The current development of biotechnologies in the South Moravia region will be further enhanced by the new, specialized incubator INBIT.
The building that is situated in the new campus of Masaryk University in Brno will gradually offer a safe haven to 37 starting business firms. The area of 2957 square meters will contain labs, offices, meeting halls, kitchens and necessary technical support and infrastructure.

The project of construction of the biotechnological incubator INBIT was funded from the European Regional Development Fund, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and the South Moravia Region, the recipient of the grant. The object will be run by the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC), an association of legal entities with related interest, and the scientific and expert support will be guaranteed by Masaryk University.

The realization of this plan was chosen by the South Moravia Region as a solution of the problem caused by the lack of financially available premises for innovation entrepreneurship in the region, and the existence of the incubator will mediate the implementation of science & development ideas into business environment.

Thanks to the fact of the incubator being positioned in the university campus, the incubated firms will be able to closely cooperate with the top labs of the Masaryk University (ILBIT), as well as the Faculty Hospital of Brno. The companies incubated in the object would be, as a part of the provided support, given their own office and laboratory premises, access to a common grounds for business support (meeting halls, complete information and communication infrastructure), a direct cooperation with the biotechnological consulting team of the JIC - and last but not least, the chances of informal meetings with the employees of the neighboring University Campus Bohunice and the Medipark.

Why join the INBIT?

If you met the admittance criteria, you may become a client of the incubator, entitled to receive these services:
- Premises (non-commercial rent, possibility of using the shared infrastructure)
- Consulting (founding of the firm, development, looking for funding sources)
- Convenient location (neighboring the University Campus of Masaryk University)
- Networking (making contacts with business partners or the universities)
- Overlapping (connection to Campus Science Park)

The biotechnological incubator is an outcome of the second version of the Regional Innovation Strategy of the South Moravia Region.

The functioning and the consulting services provided by the biotechnological incubator in Brno-Bohunice will be a part of the activities of the South Moravian Innovation Centre, that will still run the Technological Incubator of the Technical University in Brno as well as the Technological Incubator II in Brno-Královo Pole. The consulting services provided by JIC covers especially the fields of law, marketing, finances and intellectual property protection, but the support for creating and applying for European projects, meetings with the investors and preparation of investment documentation would be also provided for the firms stationed in the INBIT.

What an incubator is, and who is it for?

The purpose of the incubators is to provide a complex support to the entrepreneurs in the founding and starting phase of the firm's existence. The technological incubators are focused especially on supporting innovative projects. The main criterion of the admittance is thus a concept of an innovative project (new product or service) with a prospect of market success. The information about the project is usually summarized in an entrepreneurial intent, a basic document required for the process of admittance into the incubator. The support of the incubator is then provided to an entrepreneur, whose project meets the criteria of innovativeness (the services are therefore accessible not only to the academics, as it is believed sometimes).


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