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Flu virus shells could improve delivery of mRNA into cells

1.12.2021   |   Press monitoring

Nanoengineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a new and potentially more effective way to deliver messenger RNA (mRNA) into cells. Their approach involves packing mRNA inside nanoparticles that mimic the flu virus – a naturally efficient vehicle for delivering genetic material such as RNA inside cells. The work addresses...


New nanochip reprograms cells in the body to perform different functions

29.11.2021   |   Press monitoring

A team of researchers led by Chandan Sen at the Indiana University School of Medicine, is moving a new nanochip device, which can reprogram skin cells in the body to become new blood vessels and nerve cells, out of the prototype phase. Stem cells have great therapeutic potential because they can then be induced to grow into various cells,...


For the first time, DNA and proteins sensed by de novo-designed nanopore

26.11.2021   |   Press monitoring

Researchers in Japan have designed the first bottom-up designed peptides, comprising chains of amino acids, that can form artificial nanopores to identify and enable single molecule-sorting of genetic material in a lipid membrane. Biological nanopores are generally channels made by pore-forming proteins, that can detect specific molecules, but...


UTI vaccine uses caged and killed bacteria to trigger an immune response

24.11.2021   |   Press monitoring

Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas have developed a new type of vaccine against urinary tract infections (UTIs) that has shown promise in tests in mice. The treatment uses a whole dead bacteria cell, wrapped in a protective cage, to trigger an immune response. UT Dallas researchers found a way to protect the bacterial cells, so they...


Stem cell microbots travel from nose to brain to treat disease

22.11.2021   |   Press monitoring

Researchers in Korea have developed microbots made of stem cells that can be delivered through the nose into the brain. These “Cellbots,” which bypass the blood-brain barrier, could one day be used to treat brain cancers and neurodegenerative diseases. The researchers created microbots made mostly of human nuclear transfer stem cells (hNTSCs),...


Novel artificial genomic DNA can replicate and evolve outside the cell
Credit: Jezper -

Novel artificial genomic DNA can replicate and evolve outside the cell

19.11.2021   |   Press monitoring

Professor Norikazu Ichihashi and his colleagues at the University of Tokyo have successfully induced gene expression from a DNA, characteristic of all life, and evolution through continuous replication extracellularly using cell-free materials alone, such as nucleic acids and proteins for the first time. The ability to proliferate and evolve is...


New mRNA anti-tick vaccine may protect from more than just Lyme disease
Credit: risto0 -

New mRNA anti-tick vaccine may protect from more than just Lyme disease

17.11.2021   |   Press monitoring

A new study is reporting the development of a novel mRNA-based vaccine designed to help resist tick bites. Preclinical tests in guinea pigs indicate the vaccine aids the immune system in recognizing tick bites, resulting in the parasites being dislodged before they can transmit any pathogenic disease. Over a dozen diseases can be transmitted by...


New gene-edited barley that could improve beer

15.11.2021   |   Press monitoring

After a spell of unexpected rain, before the harvest season, a farmer may be faced with the unpredictable problem of untimely sprouting of barley. Sprouted barley fetches considerably lower market prices and poses an economic burden on farmers and corporations that are at the mercy of nature. The aggravation of climate change has not made this...


Blood biomarker predicts type 2 diabetes risk up to 19 years before onset

12.11.2021   |   Press monitoring

A new study is proposing blood levels of a specific protein may serve as a useful predictor of type 2 diabetes developing up to two decades before any symptoms appear. The findings indicate a diagnostic blood test could be deployed to offer people a way to assess their future risk of developing the disease. Follistatin is a protein initially...


US companies announce plans for gene-edited strawberries

10.11.2021   |   Press monitoring

J.R. Simplot Company and Plant Sciences Inc., both privately-held companies, said they expect to launch the first commercially available, gene-edited strawberries within a few years. U.S. growers produced $2.2 billion in strawberries in 2020, mostly in California, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But consumers discarded an...


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