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International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology ICN&T 2006


Basel, Switzerland (July 30 - August 04, 2006)

The scientific topics will include:

  • Nanobiology, Nanomedicine

Bio-molecular interactions, imaging of biomolecules and membranes, biological motors, optical tweezers, nano-implants and protheses, bio-compatibility, bio-sensors.

  • Nanosystems, Nanomechanics and Nano-optics

Single atom and single molecule manipulation, molecular assembly, NEMS, nanotribology, nearfield optical spectroscopy.

  • Molecular Electronics

Nanowires, electrical transport through molecules, molecules on metals, semiconductors and insulators, novel circuit architecture.

  • Quantum Computing and Spintronics

Spins and spin-qubits in quantum dots, control of nuclear spins, spin detection, superconducting qubits, decoherence of qubits, spin-optoelectronics, spin injection, spin transport, spin Hall effect, magnetic semiconductors.

  • Materials

Surface structure, surface electronic structure, surface chemistry, catalysis, thin films, clusters and nanoparticles, nanotubes, magnetic structures, superconductors.

  • Scanning Probe Microscopy Instrumentation

Spin-sensitive probing, inelastic tunneling spectroscopy, noncontact force microscopy, low temperature, high frequency SPM, multiprobe SPM, nc SPM.

More: http://www.icnt2006.ch/



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