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Seminar in Plant Ecology

Date: 25.10.2012 

Department of Botany, University of South Bohemia takes an opprotunity to invite you for a host seminar from Prof. Uta Berger, Technical University Dresden, Institute of Forest Growth and Forest Computer Sciences. The topic is „Local interactions among plants: concepts, individual-based modelling approaches, and a proposal for future research strategies“

Abstract: Local interactions among neighbouring plants are key processes in plant populations and communities. It is known that plants can adapt their behaviour to the current state of themselves and their environment; and that these individual responses can change the direction and type of their interactions. Nevertheless, the majority of concepts and modelling approaches still concentrate on above-ground competition. I first summarize current concepts and theories about local plant interactions and review the common individual-based modelling approaches describing them. In the second part of this presentation, I will introduce more recent approaches which address the adaptive behaviour of plants to their local environment, the effects of morphological plasticity on local interactions, as well as below-ground processes. Summarizing some results about subsequent changes of population dynamics, I will discuss advantages and disadvantages of new research strategies in individual-based modelling in plant systems.

The seminar will take place on Monday, 29. 10. 2012 starting at 2.30 pm in the lecture room B7, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia in Budweis, Branišovská 31.


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