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The Department of Genetics cooperates with the Institute of Plant Molecular Biology and the Institute of Entomology of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Most of the lecturers are, at the same time, research biologists of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The research activities are concentrated on these main topics: plant transgenosis, plant and insect molecular cytogenetics, the molecular genetics of plant viruses and viroids, human genetics. The department offers a choice from 24 lecture and/or seminar and training modules. The main experimental focus is the transgenosis (genetic modification) of plants from the point of view of plant gene engineering and molecular genetics, plant tissue cultures, the study of possible impacts of transgenic plants as well as connected legislature (cooperation with the Institute of Plant Molecular Biology). The students are educated in progressive methods (PCR, temperature-gradient electrophoresis, microarrays, sequencing, DNA molecular markers) to be able to map and characterize DNA and RNA genomes of the smallest possible (viroids) to the biggest plant and human genomes. Attention is paid to the development of detection methods and the mapping of the natural variability of plant pathogens and to further biological, enzymatic and molecular characterization, including computer modeling of selected genes and genome elements. The other objectives of study are, for instance, the polymorphism of mitochondrial DNA (cooperation with Regional Hospital České Budějovice), the distortion of DNA structure induced by antitumor drugs (cooperation with the Institute of Biophysics, Linz, Austria) or DNA-chips for plant pathogen detection (cooperation with Institute of Plant Molecular Biology).


Branišovská St. 3, 1UMBR
370 05 České Budějovice
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Fax: +420 387 775 515
Web: http://kgn.umbr.cas.cz/index.html


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Experimental Biology - specialization Genetics and Gene engeneering This specialization os focused on the transfer of genes into plants, plant genome structure, molecular cytogenetics of plants and insect, genetics of plant viruses and viroids, genetics of cell cultures of plants.
Molecular and Cell Biology and GeneticsStudents of this program are lead to responsible research work in the area of molecular, cell and developmental biology. They have to cope with molecular and genetic methods on different model organisms such as protozooans, yeasts as well as plants and animals. They have to able to present their...

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