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Institute of Microbiology offers positions

Date: 13.8.2012 

The Department of Phototrophic Microorganisms - Algatech, Institute of Microbiology AS CR, is seeking applicants for 9 postdoctoral positions for a fixed term: January 1, 2013 - June 30, 2015.

Nine postdoctoral positions are available in the Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences, Department of Phototrophic Microorganisms - Algatech in the new project Algain. The project is supported by the Operational Program Education for Competitiveness (European Social Fund and the national budget of the Czech Republic). We offer an interesting job in a new center of algal biotechnologies in Třeboň. Funds for long-term research stay (3 to 6 months) in cooperating laboratories are provided. The gross salary is 50 000 - 60 000 CZK (2000 - 2400 EUR) per month. Apply before September 30, 2012 by sending the filled application form to algain(at)alga.cz

Important: Please, fill in the letter of the project you are interested in and underline your surname. Otherwise your application form will not be accepted.



  • Ph.D.in the corresponding field obtained no earlier than March 28, 2008.
  • very good English knowledge (certificate is welcome)
  • the ability to start the work between January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013.
  • author/coauthor of a scientific paper(s) with impact factor >1


Description of projects

The Mechanisms of Coordination of DNA Damage Response and Cell Cycle Progression in Plant Kingdom
Mentor: RNDr. Kateřina Bišová, Ph.D.

Mentor: Mgr. Radek Kaňa, Ph.D.
Mobility of Photosynthetic Proteins


  • Project C

Mentor: Mgr. Michal Koblížek, Ph.D. 
The description will be added soon...

Mentor: prof. RNDr. Josef Komenda, CSc.
The Structure and Origin of Modified Products of the Tetrapyrrol Biosynthetic Pathway Excreted by Cyanobacteria

Mentor: Ing. Jiří Kopecký, CSc.
Structure and Function of Cyanobacterial Secondary Metabolites

Mentor: Doc. RNDr. Jiří Masojídek, CSc.
The Interplay between Photosynthetic Activity, Growth and Biomass Production of Microalgae Mass Cultures with Respect to Bioactive Compounds

Mentor: prof. RNDr. Ondřej Prášil, Ph.D.
The Enigmatic Photosynthesis in Chromeridae

Mentor: Ing. Roman Sobotka, Ph.D.
The Integration of Chlorophyll into Chlorophyll-binding Proteins

Mentor: RNDr. Milada Vítová, Ph.D.
The Effect of Rare Earths Elements (REEs) from Industrial Waste of the of Green Algae


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