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Natural antibiotics produced by humans and how important is our sweat?

Date: 4.3.2013 

Human beings are constantly exposed to microbial and viral attack in every kind of the environment. There are pathogens in the air, on skin of other people, on the surface of things we use every day. Some of them even surprisingly high. Recently, paper money was reported to carry more germs than a toilet in house. How does it then happen that we are so rarely ill? The answer to that question lies in the phenomenon of our skin.

Skin is the soft outer layer covering of all vertebrates. It is responsible for numerous function in our bodies like isolation from external environment. Its total area for regular human is about 2 m2. And total number on it is estimated to 1012 (1,000,000,000,000) with around 1000 species, luckily most of them are harmless.

Nevertheless, our bodies are able to defend themselves against detrimental influence of pathogens...


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