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SMEs – the driving force of pharma industry in European Union

22.3.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Recently, European Medicines Agency (EMA) has presented annual report from the SME office 2012 summering outcomes of 7 years of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). According to it, in 2012, the number of companies assigned as SME status increased by 62% compared to previous year proving rapid development of this sector and as so are...


Xceleron and JCL Bioassay Announce Partnership in Early Clinical Investigations
Credit: © Sergej Khackimullin -

Xceleron and JCL Bioassay Announce Partnership in Early Clinical Investigations

21.3.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Xceleron, a leader in the design and use of ultra-sensitive Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) in novel clinical investigations, has announced a partnership with JCL Bioassay, a leader in the use of highly sensitive LC-MS/MS and proprietary methodologies. T


Direvo reaches milestone in consolidated bioprocessing of lignocellulose to lactic acid

20.3.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Cologne, Germany, March 11, 2013. Direvo Industrial Biotechnology GmbH (Direvo) today announced that it reached an important milestone in developing a consolidated bioprocess for lactic acid production from lignocellulose.


Does horsemeat endanger human health?
Credit: rvercesi -

Does horsemeat endanger human health?

18.3.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

The scandal of horsemeat in food articles induced different attitudes of people depending on their nationality and tradition. While in the UK eating of horsemeat is outrageous, in Belgium, for example, you can eat a salad with the meat of these animals.


TiGenix to obtain national reimbursement in Spain for its innovative cartilage therapy ChondroCelect®

15.3.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Leuven (BELGIUM), Madrid (SPAIN) - TiGenix NV (Euronext Brussels: TIG), the European leader in cell therapy, announced today that it was informed by the Spanish Health Authority that its innovative cartilage repair therapy ChondroCelect® will obtain national reimbursement in Spain.


Medical marijuana legalised in the Czech Republic
Credit: Dmytro Sukharevskyy -

Medical marijuana legalised in the Czech Republic

13.3.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

At the end of January the Czech Senate almost unanimously approved the legal use and sale of cannabis for medical purposes. Subsequently, the bill was signed by a former Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus. The medical marijuana is available for people suffering from such illnesses as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or...


Health, beauty, potency… - How do we make a decision which supplement to choose?
Credit: Africa Studio -

Health, beauty, potency… - How do we make a decision which supplement to choose?

11.3.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Over-the-counter products (OTC), the medicines, which can be bought without the need to have a prescription, constitute a substantial share of the pharmaceutical market. In the moment we enter the pharmacy, the battle between the drugs’ producers to target us as their clients commences. What are the factors deciding which OTC to ...


What is with GM crop in EU?

6.3.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Subject of GM crops cultivation is one of the hottest nowadays and has probably as many pro- and anti- organizations constantly fighting about it. But what really are GM crops? What is the current situation in EU concerning GM crop cultivation and what are myths about it?


Natural antibiotics produced by humans and how important is our sweat?

4.3.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Human beings are constantly exposed to microbial and viral attack in every kind of the environment. There are pathogens in the air, on skin of other people, on the surface of things we use every day. Some of them even surprisingly high. Recently, paper money was reported to carry more germs than a toilet in house. How does it then happen that we...


Polish Biotech Association established
Credit: Ray -

Polish Biotech Association established

22.2.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

On 24th of January 2013 , in Lodz, Poland, several representatives of small and medium-sized innovative companies from Polish sector of biotechnology and life sciences initiated establishment of Polish Biotech Association – Association of small and medium-sized innovative enterprises (SMEs) from Life Sciences sector.


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