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How to market the technology to fit the XXI century needs of Molecular Diagnostics

16.5.2012   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Molecular diagnostics assess biological makeup at the genetic level. Unlocking DNA code can reveal variations between individuals which may represent a predisposition to develop a disease or even treatment options that may be more effective in some people.


Advances in gene therapy, AIDS and biotechnology - workshop at the BC Ceske Budejovice

15.5.2012   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Workshop "Engineered nucleases and genome editing" will be held on May 21 - 25, 2012 in Congress hall at the Biology Centre AS CR, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic.


Scientists from New Zealand and Poland Win the MP-SPR Contest with Research on Switchable Surfaces

14.5.2012   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

BioNavis Ltd. announces the winners of the International Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance Contest. The winners are Dr. Jenny Malmström, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Polymer Electronics Research Centre, University of Auckland (NZ) and Dr. Barbara Jachimska, Adjunct Professor at the J.Haber Institure of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry,...


BioForum 2012. The most important meeting for biotechnology industry of Central Europe.

7.5.2012   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

On May 23rd-24th the biggest and the most important meeting for biotechnology industry of Central Europe will be held in Brno in Czech Republic. The event is meant to gather scientists, businessmen, journalists, students and all those who are simply interested in this matter.


Scientific Committee at the EMEA on the BioForum

30.4.2012   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Biosimilars is a term used to describe officially-approved subsequent versions of innovator biopharmaceutical products. The simplest definition of Biopharmaceuticals says that they are medical drugs produced using biotechnology. They can include proteins, nucleic acids and living microorganisms like virus and bacteria where the virulence of...


Proteros and Eisai Co., Ltd enter into Integrated Lead Discovery Collaboration

23.4.2012   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Martinsried (Germany): Proteros biostructures GmbH on April 16, 2012 announced that the company has entered into a research collaboration with Eisai Co., Ltd (Japan) to identify small molecule inhibitors against a target selected by Eisai in the field of immunology.


Personalized Medicine: Challenging Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Company Business Models

17.4.2012   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Despite the dramatic growth in the number and power of molecular diagnostic technologies, the increasing clinical and economic value of the tests derived from them, and the therapeutic power of the drugs whose use can and should be guided by those tests, the reimbursement system for diagnostic tests has not evolved to accommodate the development...


How to bring a new technology to industrial scale?

10.4.2012   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

The simplest definition of Commercialization says that this is the process or cycle of introducing a new product or production method into the market. Launch of a new product is usually the final stage of new product development, and which is the most risky part of this process, the one where the most money will have to be spent for advertising,...


Post Event report from PHARM Connect Congress 2012

26.3.2012   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

The 2nd edition of PHARM Connect, held in February 2012 in Budapest, confirmed again being the must-attend event for pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector professionals operating in Central and Eastern Europe.


Recent Trends in Pharma Partnering

23.3.2012   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

With the current challenges facing the industry, large Pharma is increasingly looking to expand their pipelines with external science. As the academic and biotechnology sectors have become increasingly successful at bringing innovative compounds and R&D technologies forward, a strong interest in partnership and collaboration between the sectors...


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