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Nuclear Import and Export in Plants and Animals


Authors: Tzfira, T., Citovsky, Vitaly
Publishing: Springer
Published: 2005
Series: Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit Nuclear Import and Export in Plants and Animals provides insight into the remarkable mechanisms of nuclear import and export. This book covers a range of topics from the nuclear pore structure, to nuclear import and export of macromolecules in plant and animal cells. In addition, the book covers the special cases of nuclear import of Agrobacterium T-DNA during plant genetic transformation, nuclear import and export of animal viruses, and nuclear intake of foreign DNA. A chapter on research methods to study nuclear transport concludes the book. CONTENTS Preface.- Structure of the Nuclear Pore.- Integral Proteins of the Nuclear Pore Membrane Subnuclear Trafficking and the Nuclear Matrix.- Nuclear Import and Export Signals.- Nuclear Import of Plant Proteins.- Nuclear Import of Agrobacterium T-DNA.- Regulation of Nuclear Import and Export of Proteins in Plants and Its Role in Light Signal Transduction.- Nuclear Export: Shuttling acro ss the Nuclear Pore.- Nuclear Protein Import: Distinct Intracellular Receptors for Different Types of Import Substrates.- The Molecular Mechanisms of mRNA Export.- Nuclear Import and Export of Mammalian Viruses.- Nuclear Import of DNA.- Nuclear Transport Methods.- Index.




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