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Postdoctoral positions at the Institute of Botany AS CR

Date: 28.12.2012 

Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences, v.v.i. announces a tender for the selection of 10 postdoctoral fellows on the project with reg. number: CZ.1.07/2.3.00/30.0048 financed from the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic supported through the OP Education for Competitiveness. All selected postdocs will be involved in each of their selected subtopic (see below). Abstract of subtopics incl. further details and conditions of the tender are given in the tender documentation. 

Form of employment: contract, full time. Length of contract: 29 months, from 01.02.2013 to 30.06.2015 (preferred, negotiable). The salary: 45.000 CZK per month (gross wage).

Place of work: place of work depends on selected subtopic. Postdoctoral activity during the project will be implemented in the following regions: Central Region (Průhonice), South Bohemia (Trebon), South Moravia (Brno), Olomouc (Olomouc), Vysočina (Studenec).

Tender schedule: 21.12.2012 08:00 – 15.01.2013 12:00 - receipt of applications from candidates. 16.01 - 25.01.2013 - evaluation of applications of candidates. 25.01.2013 16:00 - announcement of the results of the selection procedure. 

Applicants are required to submit following documents:

  • Evidence of achieving a PhD
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Cover letter, incl. selected subtopic and contact information (min. mailing address, phone, email)


Incomplete or invalid documentation can be reason for excluding candidates from the selection process. Documentation referred above will be sent by applicant in electronic form (scan of signed documents) to email: dolezal(at)butbn.cas.cz and also in print send documents by mail to following mail address:

Dr. Jiří Dolezal Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences, v.v.i. Dukelská 135 379 82 Trebon

The envelope must contain (be labeled) min.:

  • label "Do not open"
  • marking "Tender within the project reg: CZ.1.07/2.3.00/30.0048"
  • designation "Selected position: postdoc č.XX" (applicant is required to put the selected subtopic number in place of "XX")


List of Subtopics

Each candidate in the selection procedure can apply for the position of postdoctoral fellow in one or more of the following subtopics. 

  • 1.a 1. The impact of biological invasions on reciprocal relationships in biological communities
  • 1.a 2. Host-parasite interaction in ecological and evolutionary context: a comparative approac
  • 1.b 1. Plant hemiparasites – functional and evolutionary relationship
  • 1.b 2. General patterns in local and regional dynamics of plant populations
  • 2.a 1. The study of polyploidization as a dynamic process affecting plant variation
  • 2.a 2. The study of plant genome and transcriptome as dynamic processes affecting plant variation
  • 2.a 3. The application of next gen sequencing to the study of complex plant genomes
  • 2.b 1. The role of whole-genome processes in invasion success of introduced plants
  • 2.b 2. The role of whole-genome processes in adaptive radiation of plants 
  • 2.b 3. Transgenerational plasticity in clonal plants 
More information can be found here and from the project coordinator Dr. Dolezal.

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