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Přednáška "C-H Oxidations and Organic Synthesis"

Date: 30.11.2012 

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, AS CR, has a pleasure to invite you to a host lecture given by prof. M. Christia White, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois. M. Christina White was born in Athens, Greece where she lived until the age of five. She received her undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Smith College, where she worked with Professor Stuart Rosenfeld in the area of host-guest chemistry. She began her doctoral studies in chemistry under the direction of Professor Gary Posner. During that time, she initiated the hybrid Vitamin D3 analog program in his group. In 1999, she joined Professor Eric Jacobsen's labs at Harvard University as an NIH postdoctoral fellow. During this time, she developed the first synthetically useful methane monooxygenase (MMO) mimic system for catalytic epoxidations with hydrogen peroxide. She joined the department of chemistry at the University of Illinois in the summer of 2005, where she is currently a Professor of Chemistry. Her group's research interests center around the development of highly selective C—H functionalization methods for streamlining the process of complex molecule synthesis. 


C - H Oxidations and Organic Synthesis

prof. M. Christina White

3. 12. 2012, 10 am

lecture hall of IOCB



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Source: http://www.avcr.cz/sd/udalosti/kalendar/121203-c-h-oxidation-and-organic-synthesis.html

Photo: Christina White, Kredit: White Lab http://www.scs.illinois.edu/white/index.php?p=mcw_bio

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