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Riken Genomic Sciences Center

Name:  Riken Genomic Sciences Center
Link: http://www.gsc.riken.jp/indexE.html
Description:RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center (GSC) was established in 1998 as the core center for genomic sciences in Japan. Its first mission was to establish a solid platform for genomic sciences in Japan and undertake world-class research. In its first five years, GSC has produced significant results that include a major role in the international cooperative effort to sequence the human genome, a comprehensive mouse gene catalog, world-leading achievements in the structural biology of proteins, and the development of a large number of experimental model mice and plants with unique phenotypes.
With these achievements under its belt, GSC is now shifting direction from comprehensive analysis of the molecular elements of life to understanding living organisms as a molecular system operating under a set of concerted actions and interactions. As part of this shift, the center has initiated several new programs. The Genome Network Project, for example, is building a comprehensive interaction map of all genes and proteins, and applying this map to disease and experimental model systems in order to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying complex phenotypes. The center is also taking several different lines of approachムcomparative genomics, proteomics and computational biology, for example-to help unravel complex biological phenomena and, eventually, the mystery of life at the molecular level.
To further advance its research, GSC is actively collaborating with many academic and industry research groups. Through these collaborations, GSC will make significant contributions to new drug discovery, disease prevention, food production, and the improvement of life.


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