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Scientists breed skim milk-producing cow

Date: 29.5.2007 

Officials at the biotech firm, ViaLactia, said the new breeding program would allow them to gain a significant foothold in the world's food industry by marketing to health-conscious consumers, The Times of London said Sunday. ViaLactia's chief scientist, Russell Snell, said the cow's milk is significantly healthier in three ways. "She produces a normal level of protein in her milk but substantially less fat, and the fat she does produce has much more unsaturated fat," Snell said. "She also produces milk with very high levels of omega3 oils." "ScienceDaily":[ http://www.sciencedaily.com/upi/index.php?feed=Science&article=UPI-1-20070527-20541200-bc-newzealand-skimmilk.xml]

Rice with human proteins to take root in Kansas - Rice modified to express proteins often found in breast milk will be planted in Kansas (21.5.2007)

Mycobacterium avium Subspecies paratuberculosis Cultured from Locally and Commercially Pasteurized Cow's Milk in the Czech Republic - Between November 2002 and April 2003, 244 bottles and cartons of commercially pasteurized cow's milk were obtained at random from retail outlets throughout the Czech Republic (15.5.2006)

Allergen-responsive CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cells in Children who Have Outgrown Cow's Milk Allergy - Cow's milk allergy in children is often of short duration, which makes this disorder an interesting clinical model for studies of tolerance to dietary antigens (5.4.2006)

Production and Processing of Milk from Transgenic Goats Expressing Human Lysozyme in the Mammary Gland - The potential for applying biotechnology to benefit animal agriculture and food production has long been speculated (8.2.2006)




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