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Handbook of Capillary Electrophoresis

Mayo Clinic/Foundation, Rochester, MN. Second edition of a handbook of methods i...


(Updated: 2006-05-22 14:43:58)

Practical Capillary Electrophoresis

The book conveys general and fundamental concepts in a readable manner combined ...


(Updated: 2006-05-22 14:43:49)

Biosensors-A Chinese Perspective (Advances in Biosensors)

In this second volume of a sub-series dedicated to regional activities, eminent ...


(Updated: 2006-05-22 14:43:39)

Cell-Based Biosensors

Today we hear more and more about biosensors in connection with the analysis of ...


(Updated: 2006-05-22 14:43:31)

Biosensors in Analytical Biotechnology (Biotechnology Intelligence Unit)

Aseptic sampling, FIA systems for monitoring the concentration of common substra...


(Updated: 2006-05-22 14:43:19)

Biosensors (Sensor Physics and Technology)

This book provides a coherent tutorial introduction to biosensors for engineers ...


(Updated: 2006-05-22 14:43:09)

Advances in Biosensors: Perspectives in Biosensors

There is a worldwide effort towards the development of bioanalytical devices tha...


(Updated: 2006-05-22 14:42:59)

Bioanalysis and Biosensors for Bioprocess Monitoring (Advances in Biochemical Engineering / Biotechnology)

The contributions to this special volume were selected in order to show present ...


(Updated: 2006-05-22 14:42:45)

Novel Approaches in Biosensors and Rapid Diagnostic Assays

In the medical, food, and environmental fields there is a continuous demand for ...


(Updated: 2006-05-22 14:42:34)

BioWorld Top 25 Biotechnology Drugs Report

The BioWorld Top 25 Biotechnology Drugs Report is the first report of its kind: ...


(Updated: 2006-05-15 11:23:15)

Innovation in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: Comparing National Innovation Systems at the Sectoral Level

This publication examines the innovation system in pharmaceutical biotechnology ...


(Updated: 2006-05-03 12:15:15)

Micropropagation Systems and Techniques 2002-2006

Volume 10 of "Recent Advances in Plant Tissue Culture" "Micropropagation Syst...


(Updated: 2006-05-03 04:50:59)

Biochemical Mechanisms of Detoxification in Higher Plants: Basis of Phytoremediation

Plants play a key role in purifying the biosphere of the toxic effects of indust...


(Updated: 2006-04-19 02:52:59)

Analytical Techniques In DNA Sequencing

# Provides a cohesive overview of the field and fundamentals of DNA sequencing ...


(Updated: 2006-04-19 02:43:59)

Physiology of Stressed Crops: The Stress of Allelochemicals

Research on the physiology of crops under stress is of relatively recent origin ...


(Updated: 2006-04-19 02:37:59)

Landscapes, Genomics and Transgenic Conifers

Series: Managing Forest Ecosystems , Vol. 9 What is the future of genetical...


(Updated: 2006-04-19 02:28:59)

Disease and Insect Resistance in Plants

The book covers in detail the principles and practices of conventional plant bre...


(Updated: 2006-04-19 02:24:59)

Sterile Filtration

Series: Advances in Biochemical Engineering / Biotechnology , Vol. 98 Table ...


(Updated: 2006-04-19 02:21:59)

Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis

Providing a comprehensive introduction to the capabilities and use of scanning e...


(Updated: 2006-04-13 13:53:55)

The Biotech Investor : How to Profit from the Coming Boom in Biotechnology

For investors having a hard time grasping concepts in computer technology, the b...


(Updated: 2006-04-13 13:53:36)


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