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Center for Applied Genomics

Solver: V. Pačes, ME CR 1M68378050, 2005-2009 Institute of Molecular Gene...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:51:45)

Utilization of biotechnological methods for production of secondary meatabolits, selection and micropropagation of medicinal herb( klanoprašky čínské)

Solver: Ing. Helena Vlašínová Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry i...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:51:45)

Mechanisms driving neural differentiation in mouse embryonic stem cells in vitro

Solver: J. Pachernik, A. Hamp, 2003-2005 GACR Institute of Experimental Medicin...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:04)

Alternative ways of embryonic stem cell culture and labelling

Solver: J. Kroupova, P. Dvorak, 2003 MSMT 1224 Institute of Experimental Medici...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:04)

Studies in molecular physiology and pathology

Solver: I. Raska, 2001-2004 MSMT 111100003 Institute of Experimental Medicine, ...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:04)

Functions and molecular interactions of DOA protein kinase in signal transduction during Drosophila development

Solver: I. Raska, 2002-2004 GACR 304/02/0342 Institute of Experimental Medicine...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:04)

Interaction and function of cell cycle regulators in cell differentiation

Solver: A. Hampl, 2001-2003 GACR 204/01/0905 Institute of Experimental Medicine...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:04)

National Research Centre: "Center for cell therapy and tissue repair"

Solver: E. Sykova, 2000-2005 MSMT LN00A065 Institute of Experimental Medicine, ...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:04)

Tissue engineering of the skin and central nervous system

Solver: J. Vacik, E. Sykova, 2000-2005 GAAV S4050005 Institute of Experimental ...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:04)

Nuclear topology of cell genome

Solver: H. Fidlerova, 2000-2003 GACR 304/00/1622 Institute of Experimental Me...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:04)

Action function in the cell nucleus

Solver: V. Filimonenko, 2003-2005 GACR 304/03/P118 Institute of Experimental Me...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:04)

Electrophysiological evaluation of functional integration implated stem cells in the injured nervous tissue

Solver: S. Kubinova, E. Sykova, 2003-2004 GAAV AVOZ5039906-I032 Institute of Ex...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:04)

Role of 5' untranslated regions of mRNA in regulation of gene expression in eukaryot

Solver: RNDr. Martin Pospíšek, Ph.D. Charles University in Prague...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:03)

Molecular evolution of multigene family of growth factores of ...imaginálních terčků (Idgf)….of Drosophila melanogaster

Solver: Paedr. Martina Zurovcová, Ph.D. Institute of Entomology, AS CR...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:03)

Charakterization of gamma-tubuline complexes and their role in acentrosomal nuclation and organisation of microtubules

Solver: RNDr. Pavla Binarová, CSc. Institute of Microbiology, AS CR...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:03)

Charakterization of factores participating on chromatin condensation during meiotic maturation of pig and bovinne oocytes.

Solver: Ing. Michal Kubelka, CSc. Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, A...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:03)

Studies of molecular mechanism of polyomavirus infection aimed to the development of capsid-like particles for the gene delivery system

Solvers: J. Korb, P. Hozak, GACR 204/03/0593, 2003-2005 Institute of Experimen...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:03)

Utilization of electrochemistry for analysis of proteins and for detection of hybridization of DNA

Solver: prof. RNDr. Emil Paleček, DrSc. Institute of Biophysics, AS CR...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:03)

Analytical and ante-separative procedures for identification and qantification of physiologicaly important steroids

Solver: Doc. Ing. Karel Ventura, CSc. University in Pardubice...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:03)

New strategies in separation of chiral substances

Solver: doc. RNDr. Juraj Ševčík, Ph.D. Palacky University, Olomouc...


(Updated: 2005-07-27 15:43:03)


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