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Nanotechnology For Dummies (For Dummies (Math & Science)

This title demystifies the topic for investors, business executives, and anyone ...


(Updated: 2006-01-25 13:55:55)

Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology

Handbook provides practical information on the fundamentals and applications of ...


(Updated: 2006-01-25 13:55:39)

Nanophysics and Nanotechnology : An Introduction to Modern Concepts in Nanoscience

Providing the first self-contained introduction to the physical concepts, techni...


(Updated: 2006-01-25 13:55:24)


Book Description Nanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies bridge...


(Updated: 2006-01-19 14:15:23)

Biotechnology Annual Review

This book series covers the various developments in biotechnology in the form of...


(Updated: 2006-01-19 13:55:02)

Biotechnology in the Public Sphere: A European Sourcebook

A comprehensive assessment of European public opinion and biotechnology, this bo...


(Updated: 2006-01-16 14:26:37)

Future strategies for tissue and organ replacement

Several textbooks have been published that discuss just one or two of the areas ...


(Updated: 2006-01-16 14:25:58)

Biophotonics International

Biophotonics International delivers a unique global insight into the photonic pr...


(Updated: 2005-12-23 09:18:46)

DNA Vaccines: A New Era in Vaccinology

These papers were first presented at the New York Academy of Sciences Conference...


(Updated: 2005-12-21 10:49:37)

Veterinary Vaccinology

Vaccination is widely recognised as one of the most efficient tools in public he...


(Updated: 2005-12-21 10:49:26)

Orchid Biology: Reviews and Perspectives, VII

This, the seventh volume in a respected series of books, continues a policy of p...


(Updated: 2005-12-14 14:29:45)

Orchid Biology: Reviews and Perspectives, VIII

This is the eighth volume in a 25 year old series which has become the cornersto...


(Updated: 2005-12-14 14:29:41)

Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 26

Plant Breeding Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews on plant genetics and t...


(Updated: 2005-12-14 14:29:37)

Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 24, Part 2: Long-term Selection: Crops, Animals, and Bacteria

Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 24, Part 2 presents state-of-the-art reviews on p...


(Updated: 2005-12-14 14:29:33)

Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 24, Part 1: Long-term Selection: Maize

Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 24, Part 1 presents state-of-the-art reviews on p...


(Updated: 2005-12-14 14:29:29)

Plant Cell and Tissue Culture for the Production of Food Ingredients

This book reflects the latest development in plant cell and tissue culture techn...


(Updated: 2005-12-14 14:29:24)

Plant Gene Silencing

This book is an up-to-date and comprehensive collection of reviews on various as...


(Updated: 2005-12-14 14:29:18)

Natural Resistance Mechanisms of Plants to Viruses

This book is a first attempt to link well known plant resistance phenomena with ...


(Updated: 2005-12-14 14:29:12)

Plant Cold Hardiness: Gene Regulation and Genetic Engineering

This volume is a compilation of the presentations of the 6th International Plant...


(Updated: 2005-12-14 14:29:07)

Phytohormones in Plant Biotechnology and Agriculture

Proceedings of the NATO-Russia Workshop held in Moscow, 12-16 May 2002 The bo...


(Updated: 2005-12-14 14:29:04)


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