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Adenoviral Vectors for Gene Therapy

Adenoviral Vectors for Gene Therapy provides detailed and comprehensive coverage...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:53:00)

Progress in Vaccinology

Presenting selected works originally published in The Lancet, this book introduc...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:52:54)

Reproduction in cattle improvement system

-Reproduction -Breeding -Cloning ....... ...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:52:47)

Genetically Modified Organisms: Transgenesis in Plants

This work reviews the theoretical and historical basis of genetic engineering, p...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:52:41)

Breeding For Ornamentals: Classical and Molecular Approaches

In this book we bring together the most up-to-date information on developments, ...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:52:37)

Biotechnological Approaches in Biocontrol of Plant Pathogens

Biological control offers a promising alternative to chemical control which can ...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:52:33)

Biology and Biotechnology of the Plant Hormone Ethylene II

The rapid advances in elucidating the mechanisms of ethylene perception and synt...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:52:29)

Auxin Molecular Biology

The plant hormone auxin plays a fundamental role in the growth and development o...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:52:23)

Applied Plant Biotechnology

This book presents a review of some recent developments in various areas of plan...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:52:10)

Androgenesis and Haploid Plants

Jointly published with INRA, Paris. The use of haploid plants is of increasin...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:52:06)

Virus and Virus-like Diseases of Potatoes and Production of Potatoes

This book is a comprehensive up-to-date treatise that includes information on vi...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:52:01)

Virus-Resistant Transgenic Plants: Potential Ecological Impact

The introduction of novel genes into plants by genetic transformation holds grea...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:51:43)

Plantation Technology in Tropical Forest Science

This book provides state-of-the-art information on technical development for bio...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:51:33)

Managing Plant Genetic Diversity

This book contains edited and revised papers from a conference on 'Science and T...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:50:44)

The Use of Plant Genetic Resources

This volume stresses the way in which the pool of plant genetic resources provid...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:49:15)

ATP Luminescence: Rapid Methods in Microbiology

This volume results from a conference jointly sponsored by the Biotechnology Uni...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:49:11)

Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (6th Edition)

This is a new and expanded edition of the bestselling Principles and Techniques ...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:49:06)

Diversity and Evolutionary Biology of Tropical Flowers

The study of flowers provides a unique insight into the biology and evolution of...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:49:02)

Plants: Evolution and Diversity

Plants are so much part of our environment that we often take them for granted, ...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:48:57)

Mutation Breeding: Theory and Practical Applications

During the 1970s and 1980s, the technique of mutation breeding made a substantia...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:48:52)


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