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Nature Methods

Nature Methods is a forum for the publication of novel methods and significan...


(Updated: 2006-01-19 13:59:38)

Molecular Reproduction and Development

Molecular Reproduction and Development is an international journal devoted to...


(Updated: 2005-11-21 17:30:42)


Published since 1957, this is an international cytogenetics bimonthly journal...


(Updated: 2005-11-17 15:22:21)

Trends in Genetics

The most established monthly journal in Genetics, with articles from developm...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:45:15)


Prestigious interdisciplinary journal published by American Association for t...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:45:08)


The goal of Genomics is to promote the understanding of the structure, functi...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:35:19)

Genome Research

Launched in 1995, Genome Research is an international, monthly, peer-reviewed...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:35:15)


An international journal on genes, genomes and evolution. The journal publish...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:35:06)

Trends in Biotechnology

Trends in Biotechnology is unique in drawing together a wide readership of sc...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:34:33)

Genome Biology

Genome Biology serves the biological research community as an international f...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:31:51)

Functional & Integrative Genomics

Functional & Integrative Genomics is devoted to large-scale studies of ge...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:29:21)

Molecular Genetics and Genomics

Molecular Genetics and Genomics publishes original research and reviews in al...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:26:40)

Marine Biotechnology

Marine biotechnology can simply be described as the biotechnology of organism...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 21:30:18)

Reviews in Molecular Biotechnology

It shares its volume numbering system with Journal of Biotechnology.



(Updated: 2005-09-14 21:28:50)

Critical Reviews in Biotechnology

Biotechnological techniques, from fermentation to genetic manipulation, have ...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 21:25:30)


A periodical record of investigations bearing on heredity and variation.




Genome Biology serves the biological research community as an international f...


Mammalian Genome Journal

Mammalian Genome Journal devoted to studies of mammalian genomics and genetic...


Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics

The journal publishes original articles by international scientists on the pr...


Journal of Animal Science

The Journal of Animal Science (JAS) is among the top-ranked journals of anima...



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