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Advances in Plant Pathology, 11

This volume focuses on issues of plant pathology and sustainability, such as sho...


(Updated: 2005-10-24 16:08:58)

Chmelařská ročenka 2005

yearbook of hops...


(Updated: 2005-10-24 16:08:22)

Ječmenářská ročenka 2005

Volume No. 6 issued especially for brewing barley growers and specialists in bre...


(Updated: 2005-10-24 16:08:11)

Zelené zlato


(Updated: 2005-10-24 16:07:42)

Vegetable Diseases and Their Control, 2nd Ed.

Describes the diseases of important vegetable crops and tells how to control the...


(Updated: 2005-10-24 16:07:30)

Bioelectronics Handbook: MOSFETs, Biosensors, and Neurons

The development of neural networks has become a big thing for computer scientist...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:46:46)

Biocomputing: Informatics and Genome Projects

The results of today's genome projects promise enormous medical and agricultural...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:46:43)

Biosensor Principles and Applications (Biotechnology and Bioprocessing Series)

Considers a new generation of sensors for use in industrial processes, which mea...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:46:39)

Biosensors and Their Applications

A biosensor is a device in which a bioactive layer lies in direct contact with a...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:46:35)

Biosensor Technology (Fundamentals and Applications)

Biosenzor technology....


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:46:30)

Commercial Biosensors: Applications to Clinical, Bioprocess, and Environmental Samples

Commercial Biosensors offers professionals an in-depth look at some of the most ...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:46:25)

Cells: A Laboratory Manual

Created by three distinguished cell biologists/educators from the contributions ...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:46:20)

Cell Separation: A Practical Approach

The successful separation of specific cells requires not only a knowledge of pot...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:46:17)

Capillary Electrophoresis of Proteins and Peptides

Expert academic and pharmaceutical researchers describe their best capillary ele...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:46:13)

Calculations for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, A Guide to Mathematics in the Laboratory

This book is the first comprehensive guide devoted exclusively to calculations e...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:46:08)

Biotechnology: A Guide to Genetic Engineering

Assuming your students have had no prior experience in genetic engineering,the a...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:46:04)

Biotechnology in the Developing World and Countries in Economic Transition

This is a data source describing emerging biotechnology trends in developing cou...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:45:55)

Biotechnology Demystified (Demystified S.) 

Part 1: Fundamental Topics in Molecular and Cellular Biology Chapter 1: The Mole...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:45:52)

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

This work overviews issues in biotechnology, genetic engineering, and the law re...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:45:48)

Biostatistical Methods

Leading biostatisticians and biomedical researchers describe many of the key tec...


(Updated: 2005-10-19 14:45:44)


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