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Chemical Sensors and Biosensors for Medical and Biological Applications

This book introduces the principles and concepts of chemical and biochemical sen...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:58)

Industrial Proteomics: Applications for Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

This book addresses many of the key challenges faced by researchers in the field...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:55)

Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy of Biological Materials

Supplying greatly needed chemical and structural information for identifying and...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:51)

Introduction to Bioanalytical Sensors (Techniques in Analytical Chemistry)

A practical introduction to the applications, principles, design, and fabricatio...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:48)

Introduction to Bioinformatics (A Theoretical And Practical Approach)

A comprehensible introduction to the key biological, mathematical, statistical, ...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:44)

Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithims

This introductory text offers a clear exposition of the algorithmic principles d...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:40)

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

This second edition of Introduction to Biomedical Engineering provides a histori...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:36)

Introduction to Biotechnology

This is the first biotechnology textbook geared specifically for the diverse sci...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:32)

Introduction to Macromolecular Crystallography

Richly illustrated throughout, this book provides a comprehensive, approachable ...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:28)

Introduction to Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization: Principles and Clinical Applications

This book provides a groundwork in the basic principles and techniques of FISH a...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:24)

Introduction to Proteomics (Tools for the New Biology)

Daniel C. Liebler masterfully introduces the science of proteomics by spelling o...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:17)

Introduction to Nanotechnology

Practical, general introduction to various aspects of nanotechnology. Uses repre...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:13)

Microarray Bioinformatics

DNA microarrays have revolutionized molecular biology and are becoming a standar...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:09)

Microarray Biochip Technology

This timely book offers a rare view of the science and technology of DNA microar...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:05)

Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA

Completely revised and updated, the second edition of the best-selling Molecular...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:52:02)

Nanotechnology: Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea

Beginning with a brief introduction to nanotech science, the authors then go on ...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:51:57)

Nanobiotechnology : Concepts, Applications and Perspectives

The possibility of exploiting the structures and processes of biomolecules for n...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:51:53)

Our Molecular Future: How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics and Artificial Intelligence Will Transform the World

A book of three parts, the first and the most interesting for me, is a review of...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:51:49)

Nature's Operating Instructions: The True Biotechnologies

Archiving ancient corn strains to guard against genetic pollution? Coating chain...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:51:46)

New Biology for Engineers and Computer Scientists

The exciting new integration between biology, physics, and computational science...


(Updated: 2005-10-18 16:51:42)


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