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Dinstinction between natural and anthropogenic contamination based on the research of pollution records in geological history

Institute of Rock and Mechanics Structure...


(Updated: 2005-04-25 12:42:09)

The relationship between the structure and functions of the food chain in soil – study of the taxonomic and fuctional biodiversity in soil in relation to changed abiotic conditions

Institute of Soil Biology, AS CR...


(Updated: 2005-04-25 12:42:09)

The research of geomaterials, the development of methods for their ecological application and for the interpretation of geodynamic processes

Institute of Rock and Mechanics Structure...


(Updated: 2005-04-25 12:42:09)

Determination of nonionic surfactants in water.

The study of nonionic ethoxylates determination according to Czech standard ČSN...


(Updated: 2005-03-08 09:34:08)

Study of the filamentous microorganisms causing activated sludge bulking and biological foams formation.

Dissertation is aimed at the study of the characteristics two most common filame...


(Updated: 2005-03-08 09:32:52)

Inhibition of biological nutrients removal processes in activated sludge systems with regeneration

First, intensification of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and evaluating o...


(Updated: 2005-03-08 09:31:52)

Study of activated sludge separation problems focused on biological foams formation and their suppression.

This dissertation is focused on biological foam formation and means of its suppr...


(Updated: 2005-03-08 09:27:28)

Utilisation of modelling in activated sludge wastewater treatment

The purpose of this study was to prove to interested auditorium strengths and ho...


(Updated: 2005-03-08 09:26:05)

Study of Chemical-Technological Processes for the Environment Protection and Fuel Processing

General Objectives: Air pollution minimization Optimization of water and wast...


(Updated: 2005-03-07 09:50:55)


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