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Instant notes in Genetics (2nd Edition)

This new edition is thoroughly revised to reflect the rapid advances made in the...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 23:02:08)

In The Blood: God, Genes and Destiny

Genetics is at the heart of modern science - and, some say, of history, philosop...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 23:02:02)

GENOMICS: Applications in Human Biology

Written by the successful author team of Sandy Primrose and Richard Twyman, Geno...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 23:01:50)

Genetic and DNA Technology: Legal Aspects

Research into DNA and the development of powerful techniques to produce DNA prof...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 23:01:43)

Forensic DNA Typing: The Biology and Technology Behind STR Markers 2nd Edition

This book examines the science of current DNA typing and methods by focussing on...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 23:00:15)

Forensic DNA Technology

Forensic DNA Technology examines both the legal and scientific issues relating t...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 23:00:11)

Forensic DNA Profiling Protocols: Methods in Molecular Biology Series, Volume 98

The book covers PCR-based test systems, the now widely used STR typing systems (...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 23:00:07)

DNA Technology: the Awesome Skill

DNA Technology, Second Edition, is a survey of biotechnology written to enlighte...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 23:00:02)

DNA in the Courtroom: A Trial Watcher's Guide

This book is about the OJ Simpson trial and thousands of DNA cases heard each ye...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:59:57)

DNA Simplified II: The Illustrated Hitchhiker's Guide to DNA

This book is in glossary format. The jargon of DNA technology has been translate...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:59:27)

DNA Profiling & DNA Fingerprinting (Methods & Tools in Biosciences & Medicine S.)

This book reflects practical approaches to answering a variety of biological and...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:58:37)

DNA Fingerprinting: An Introduction to Forensic Science

This book was the first to be published in the field, and remains a good introdu...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:58:33)

DNA Fingerprinting

This book explains fully the scientific basis of DNA fingerprinting and profilin...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:58:28)

Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science 8th edition

Written by a renowned authority on forensic science, this text introduces the no...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:57:54)

Clinical and Forensic Applications of Capillary Electrophoresis

John R. Petersen and Amin A. Mohammad, along with a panel of leading basic and c...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:57:48)

Blood Testing, AIDS and DNA Profiling: Law and Policy

This book discusses separate but related areas of law of concern to both medical...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:57:42)

Blood Evidence: How DNA is Revolutionizing the Way We Solve Crimes.

This book shows how breakthroughs in DNA testing are impacting on criminal inves...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:57:38)

Ancient DNA: Recovery and Analysis of Genetic Material from Paleontological, Archaeological, Museum, Medical and Forensic Specimens

The study of ancient DNA (aDNA) is a young field, which has been revolutionised ...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:57:34)

An Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis

This book emphasises the advantages and limitations of various DNA techniques us...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:57:29)

Thompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine, Revised Reprint, 6th Edition

Emphasizing genes and molecular mechanisms operating in human diseases, this six...


(Updated: 2005-09-14 22:57:25)


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