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Biotechnology 2020



(Updated: 2006-04-03 10:07:09)

Biotechnology in the Public Sphere: A European Sourcebook

A comprehensive assessment of European public opinion and biotechnology, this bo...


(Updated: 2006-01-16 14:26:37)

ATP Luminescence: Rapid Methods in Microbiology

This volume results from a conference jointly sponsored by the Biotechnology Uni...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:49:11)


The utilization of unconventional microbial sources, particularly microalgae, fo...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:47:57)

Pharmaceutical Medicine, Biotechnology and European Law

European law has been faced with increasingly complex issues emerging from rapid...


(Updated: 2005-11-22 11:47:52)

Pollen Biology and Biotechnology

The author offers an overview of pollen biology and biotechnology for students a...


(Updated: 2005-11-17 15:34:21)

Molecular Farming: Plant-made Pharmaceuticals and Technical Proteins

Here, authors from academia and industry provide an exciting overview of current...


(Updated: 2005-11-17 15:34:09)

Chmelařská ročenka 2005

yearbook of hops...


(Updated: 2005-10-24 16:08:22)

Ječmenářská ročenka 2005

Volume No. 6 issued especially for brewing barley growers and specialists in bre...


(Updated: 2005-10-24 16:08:11)

Zelené zlato


(Updated: 2005-10-24 16:07:42)

Vegetable Diseases and Their Control, 2nd Ed.

Describes the diseases of important vegetable crops and tells how to control the...


(Updated: 2005-10-24 16:07:30)

Working With Proteins 1- 6 (six books)

This book covers theme of working with proteins....


(Updated: 2005-10-18 15:44:30)

Protein Structure Prediction: A Practical Approach (The Practical Approach Series , No 170)

The prediction of the three-dimensional structure of a protein from its amino ac...


Poškození a vady obilek ječmene

laminary piracy...


A possibility to control of Taraxacum officinale Web. in grass stands.

Agronomická fakulta ČZU, Praha, Praha, ČZU v Praze. (GENERIC)...


Rozšíření biodiversity kulturních plodin.


Transcriptional Regulation in Eukaryotes


Animal Cell Electroporation and Electrofusion Protocols, Vol. 48

This book provides well-tested protocols for the electroporation of proteins and...


World Animal Health in 2004

World Animal Health presents a synthesis of animal health information from almos...


Emerging zoonoses and pathogens of public health concerns

Emerging zoonoses can occur anywhere in the world and the consequences can be se...



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