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Tissue engineering

Animal cell biotechnology constitute an important field in Biotechnology nowadays. Animal cells produce many biologicals of great value involving enzymes, hormones, growth factors, viral vaccines, or monoclonal antibodies, and many therapeutic proteins require post-translational modifications which can be only fully performed by animal cells. Insect virus, immunoregulators or whole cells, which are used for toxicological testing, can be obtained from animal cells as wel as.

There is many of industrial applications of animal cells to the large scale commercial production of biologicals and they are used for in-vitro engineering of tissues like liver, skin, bone and cartilage in, as well as.

The field of animal cell biotechnology involves basic culture methods, methods for cell immortalization, exploration of cell growth, metabolism, or produktivity, molecular methods for gene transfection, as well as methods used for cultivation of genetically modified animal cells. The study of animal cells has unclosed an insight into the structure and function of cells and tissues and into biochemical and immunological processes in the cells. An issues from cell and molecular biology and biochemistry are involved in this section.

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