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Immunology, therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies, vaccinology

Enzymes catalyze chemical reactions of the metabolism of all living organisms. The enzymes have high potential for the industry since they perform elegant and efficient biocatalytic processes based on their specificity and enantioselectivity. Enzymes have already been successfully applied as whole-cell catalysts and in the free or immobilized form.

There is a continuously growing demand for enzymes that exhibit higher operational stability, higher specificity and enantioselectivity, as well as for the ones that exhibit new activities on natural substrates and xenobiotics. Rapid developments in the technology of recombinant DNA, high throughput screening and technology of directed evolution of enzymes improve the existing biocatalytic processes and open new application fields.

Currently, a biocatalysis is being viewed as a competitive, cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology for the manufacture of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, materials, food and feed products.

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