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Therapeutic proteins and oligonucleotides (substitutes for pharmaceuticals)

Microorganisms - bacteria, yeasts or fungi are used by men for centuries. People utilize them for production of food, feed and pharmaceuticals, or for environment control. On the other hand, some microorganisms and viruses are pathogenic. In the last century, after DNA and possibility of gene transfer were discovered scientists started research of genetically modified organisms. Microorganisms are used as donors or as recipients of genes - carriers of traits. The aim is to improve characteristics of existing organisms by addition of appropriate gene(s) or by cutting and eliminating gene(s) carrying unsuitable characteristic.  

In the Czech Republic the Ministry of Environment is responsible authority for biological safety. In accordance with the Act 78/2004 Sb., only contained use of various genetically modified microorganisms (GMM) is permitted. The main purposes of genetic engineering of microorganisms are medical care, plant cultivation, production of biochemicals, pharmaceuticals and food and feed products. In the field of environment protection research of genetically modified microorganisms is focused on bioremediation.

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