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In addition to biotechnology, nanotechnology is one of the most future-oriented technologies of the 21st century. Nanobiotechnology is becoming established in the interdisciplinary area, which aims at understanding the basic principles of biological functional units as well as creating extremely small elements at nano-scale in a controlled way with technical materials and interfaces.

Researchers working to form nanoscale machines and materials are increasingly tapping nature's building blocks. Two particularly helpful molecules are DNA, which encodes instructions for making the proteins that carry out life's processes, and the motor protein kinesin, which is part of the a cell's transportation system. Single strands of DNA self-assemble into structures like life's familiar double helix when their bases match up.

Researchers can manipulate artificial strands of DNA by controlling these connections. Self-assembly is almost essential for nanotechnology devices-because the components are so tiny. Besides nanotechnology approaches, typical biochemical techniques such as gel electrophoresis, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or protein expression are also used for preparation of biomolecules.

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