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Biosensors are analytical devices that utilise biological molecules, cells or even tissue samples in conjunction with a transducer - such as an electrode, optical device or quartz crystal microbalance. Biosensors also offer many advantages in comparison to many conventional analytical approaches in terms of simplicity, lower limits of detection and sensitivity.

The simplicity of many biosensor formats often allows for their use by untrained personnel such as by patients for home monitoring of, for example, glucose within blood or urine or alternatively within a doctor's surgery - so negating the need for samples to be returned to pathology laboratories or other centralised clinical biochemistry laboratory facilities.

One of the greatest advantages that Biosensors frequently enjoy is their specificity due to their exploitation of biological molecules such as enzymes or antibodies.

Biosensors like chemical sensors may moreover often allow for real time information to be obtained which contrasts strongly with periodic sampling analytical intervals.

Biosensors normally allow information to be recorded electronically and this in turn lends itself to signal processing and also remote monitoring with the transmission of data to a central facility via telemetry.

Analyses via biosensors may frequently be performed without the need for formal training and for this reason many human sources of error may often be eliminated.

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